History of tablecloths? I know.  I can hear it now. Well, for everything that is in existence today, even something as mundane as Q-tips has a back story, and tablecloths are no exception. Besides, if you learn something new every day, then it is a good day, and the information in this blog post just might come in handy to create new dialogue at the dinner table the next time your family gathers. The tablecloth
Custom Vinyl Tablecloths - In today’s world of cost-conscious consumers who still demand value and quality for the money they spend, many are turning to vinyl tablecloths instead of cloth tablecloths, and the reasons why are certainly catching on! Although those elegant lace and cloth tablecloths are certainly attractive, the related price tags can come with a hefty sticker shock compared to commercial vinyl tablecloths or custom made tablecloths. At Custom Vinyl Tablecloths, we offer