Best Dressed Table Contest 2016

Best dressed table contest 2016  Best Dressed Table Contest Categories

This is our very first Best Dressed Table Contest.

Many of you are already aware of the awesomeness of Pinterest, and if you aren’t in the loop, we’re giving you a reason to join! Starting on 10/01/2016, we’re launching our first themed contest on Pinterest and you’re invited! We ask you to gather your inspiring photos, or photos of your own creations, because we’re looking for a cohesive board that will inspire our 2017 selections that we offer.

To enter, create a board, title it “Best Dressed Table Contest 2016,” then add a description of your aesthetic to your board. Make sure your board contains each of the 12 pins listed above, in no particular order. In each pin’s caption, include the number, and name that the pin corresponds to for the contest, along with the hashtag #Customvinyltablecloths . When your board is perfect, share it with us by posting a comment on the original contest announcement pin, with link to your board, or by email us with a with a link to your board. Our email address is

Will you say “Yes” to this creative contest? Make sure to check the details below. Your board could win a $300 gift certificate, and inspire our 2017 Tablecloth Campaign!

  • You must follow @Tableclothguy on Pinterest to enter.
  • Contest begins 10/01/2016, and ends 12/31/2016.
  • Each pin must include a caption listing the number and name that the pin corresponds to.
  • Each pin must include the hashtags #customvinyltablecloths.
  • We allow only one entry board per person.
  • We will judge the boards based on uniqueness, creativity, spirit, and adherence to the guidelines.
  • The winner of our Best Dressed Table Contest will be announced 01/20/2017.
  • Need more information? Feel free to email us or call!

We can’t wait to see the creative, crafty table inspirations you share with us and the Pinterest community!