Tablecloth Sizes

To determine the best tablecloth sizes for your table, you need to know:

  • The dimensions of your table, length and width.
  • The most desired drop:
    • 8″-12″ to lap level
    • 29″-30″ to the floor

Once you have these dimensions, to determine the tablecloth sizes, add the drop twice to each of  your tabletop measurements.

For Example:    

Table size is 36″ by 60″; desired drop is 12″
12″ (drop size) X 2=24″
Add 36″ + 24″= 60″
Add 60″ + 24″= 84″
Tablecloth Size= 60″ X 84″


Square Tables and Rectangles

If you want your square or rectangular tablecloth, to drop to the floor, you will need to choose the round the corners option when adding it to your shopping cart. Otherwise, the corners will drag on the floor.


When ordering an oval, our standard oval is shaped like a racetrack.  If your oval is more “egg-shaped”, you will need to send us a template of the tabletop for us to use as a pattern. There will be an additional $75.00 template fee for custom non-standard ovals in our cloth fabrics, and all vinyl ovals.

Tablecloth sizes

Round Tables

When ordering a tablecloth size for your round table, there are two ways you can go. You can use the same formula as outlined above, but you can put a round or square tablecloth over it, or one of each. For a formal look, some customers buy a round tablecloth that fits to the floor, then they will put a square tablecloth over the round one. Sometimes it is referred to as a “Topper”. We would suggest a square topper with a 4″ to 8″ drop on a standard height table so that the corners of the square tablecloth don’t hang down too far.